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Shutter Ball

Shutter Ball
Product ID: 000030
Model: Pink
399.00 บาท (590 บาท)
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Selfie Remote for your smartphone Nowaday, Selfie is very popular but trying to take a selfie with one hand is unstable and the image will be blurred or shaked. This problem will become the past, we are proudly recommend Shutter Ball, is a shutter remote with many colors such as black blue green and pink.

This shutter ball has length for 10-30 metres from the phone and it can connects with many smart devices in a time so you can take a photo from many angles in one time. The shutter ball is using Bluetooth version 4.0 and the battery life is more than 5 years for taking 100 photos a day.

This shutter ball is compatible with iPhone 4S or Higher, Samsung S3 or higher, Noter2 or higher and software os is more than IOS6 or Andriod 4.3 with bluetooth 4.0